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+++09.08 (UK) Salutation - Nottingham +++ 11.08. (UK)- Farmer Phil´s Festival +++

currently we are looking for more UK shows during their stay in England as well as shows in Germany from the 1st. of August till the 5th.

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Hollywood Teasze
'Germany's one and only...'Over the past decade or so, Hollywood Teasze have built a dedicated fan-base base world-wide, with their unique mix of glam, punk, pop and rock'n'roll. Heavy touring, two killer albums, and tireless self promotion has assured Hollywood Teasze a place in the hearts of fans of great songs and exciting, crazy live rock'n'roll shows.
The band consists of Chris Lakriz on bass and vocals, FrankEEE on guitar and vocals and Andi Hill on drums. However, FrankEEE's move to Australia left the band without their frontman. Chris and Andi continued to play together with the Kevin K Band from New York, while Hollywood Teasze took some long over-due time off.
Now, teasze are back doing what they do best. Working and playing hard!! With new guitarist Matze and Chris taking over the mantle as frontman, Teasze are ready to rock once more.