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the story so far
Slamdunk was formed back in Y2K by Hollywood Teasze bass player Chris Lakriz and Naughty, who also played bass in local Heroes Frantic. Also part of the line up was Frantic drummer T.C. as well as Muff T. on Guitar, who as the owner of a studio - recorded No Flakes, the 2nd album of Hollywood Teasze. Basically it was even less than a side project, more a fun thing to do in between every ones main activities.
Since everyone had their musical, so called day jobs the band had absolutely no ambitions to get anywhere.
As this was the bands masterplan of course none of them pushed the entire thing. Surprisingly enough after their first shows the band already started to tour with long time Friend Kevin K (whom line up also included Hollywood Teasze drummer Andi Hill as well as Ricky Rat and Toni Romeo from Detroits very own Theee Trash Brats). From that day on the odd looking four piece has been asked more and more by local promoters to show up and play. And even the band never got involved in any booking activities more and more shows have been added to their Touring schedule.
Meanwhile Frantic split up and Hollywood Teasze decided to take a break since Frank EEE (the singer and guitar player of Hollywood Teaszse) moved to Australia as he crushed on an awesome looking Australian Girl during their OZ-Tour in 1999.
From this day on Slamdunk tried to take it a bit more serious, played even more shows and recorded their first song written, which was entitled "Glad its all over" for a local German Compilation-CD This song also appeared on various other Compilations as well as being part of a soundtrack for a German Splatter B-Movie.
So far the band has supporting the Dickies, Buzzcocks, Spitting Vicars (Side Project of Toten Hosen Drummer Vom Ritchie), Peter Pan Seedrock in Germany, Austria and Italy. They even have been headlining the legendary Glam Attack Festival in Turin/Italy in 2002.
In 2006 Naughty has left the band as became a responsible father for his newborn child and was replaced by Pete Coop Wicked, who has also been a long-time friend of the Band.
Currently the band is working on their Debut-Cd which is supposed being released this fall along with their first Italian Headliner Tour with friends from Crackhouse, Landslide Ladies, Hollywood Killers and other Italian locals.